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Извор: Викимедијина заједница Републике Српске
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Wikimedia Start Republika Srpska 2016
Conference program
15 years of Wikipedia
(movie about Wikipedia; statistics presentation;

Presentation of Wikimedia sister projects: Wikimedia Commons, Wikiquote…)

11:45-11:50 Pause
Wikipedia in Serbian language (history and statistics)
Republic of Srpska article coverage and how to improve it

(Edu projects, GLAM projects, photo-projects and similar)

12:50-12:55 Pause
Types and their significance + “Traces of Souls” project (results and potential)
13:30-14:00 Lunch
Free licences and thier importance
(film about CC licences; presentation)
14:45-14:50 Pause
Wikipedian, who? I I
(panel disscussion on experiences of work with Wikipedia, who are Wikipedians and how to become one of them)
15:50-15:55h Pause
Wikipedian, who? II
previous session continuation: account creation and Wiki articles editing demonstration; how photo upload to Wikimedia Commons demonstration
16:30-16:35 Pause
Wikipedia, its policies and quidelines
17:10-17:15 Pause
Wikimedia of Republic of Srpska, history, results, plans and projects
Questions and answers section
-- THE END --