Metrike 2017

Извор: Викимедијина заједница Републике Српске
Измена од 17:42, 13. јануар 2018.; Ljubiša Malenica (разговор | доприноси)

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Educational program

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
Edit-a-thons and workshops Cooperate with the 5 educational institutions
During the indicated period, in 2017, cooperation was established with two educational institutions - the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo.
Organize 8 workshops
According to the plan, two editing workshops were held.
90 students participating
Within two editorial workshops, 30 students took part.
Activities will be realized on the territory of at least 4 regions inside Republic of Srpska
Two editorial workshops were realized in the area of Sarajevo-Zvornik region.
At least 8 professors will be included in cooperation on educational activities
In total, three associate professors participated in the activities and provided assistance in the organization of workshops.
150 new or edited articles
In total, 22 new articles were created during student training to work on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.
100 photo upolad on Wikimedia Commons
98 photos were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, created during the implementation of these activities.

GLAM program

Wiki Loves Republika Srpska - Trace of a Soul photo-contests

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
Trace of a Soul photo-contests 2000 photos
Within the contest, 2.398 photographs of natural and immovable cultural and historical sights were uploaded.
80 participants
There were 105 participants in the competition and the accompanying project activities. In the competition itself 76, and in photo-tours and workshops 74 participants.
<10% photos will be used in Wikipedia in first 7 weeks after the competition
In total, at the time this report was made, 359 photographs have been used from the competition, which is 10.5%
20 media coverage
33 publications in the media, 2 times guests in TV shows, 4 television pieces, 2 times guests in radio shows.
30 new articles will be written or Improved
41 articles written in the editing workshop, supplemented 10 for the purposes of making QR codes used during photo exhibition.

Community activities

Competitions - Meet Srpska

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
Competitions - Meet Srpska 10 new users
8 new accounts
3 new community members
3 new members joined the work of the community
2 partners involved in activities (organizations or institutions)
Main Library of East Sarajevo, Portal Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
200 articles will be written or improved
255 - 243 articles created and supplemented within the competition itself, 12 articles created and updated during the workshop.
200 photos
11 photographs were uploaded in 2017, the rest will follow during 2018, during the realization of the photo-tour
15 media releases
Total of 15 media posts in 2017. More is expected, related to the photo-tour, in 2018.
50 new followers on social networks
60 new followers on social
<40 participants
A total of 25 participants took part in activities during 2017

Public activities

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
Public activities participation in at least 2 public event
During 2017, and within the indicated period, the community took part in one public event - the Trebinje Cultural Summer. An exhibition of winning photographs of the photo contest "Traces of Soul" from 2015 and 2016 was realized.
2 new partnerships
In accordance with the plan, in addition to already existing collaborators, cooperation was established with a new one - Cultural Center Trebinje.
100 media announcements.
During the indicated period related to the implementation of activities approved by the APG grant, the community had 67 appearances in the media.