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Извор: Викимедијина заједница Републике Српске

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Activities and lessons learned


  • Preparations: Initial steps in development and realization of the project Wikimedia Start 2016 required significant preparations for the event itself. First steps required selection and activation of the organization team from the members of the Wikimedia Community of the Republic of Srpska which would coordinate the project. Team was composed from three community members: Ljubiša Malenica, Radenko Đoković and Bojana Podgorica.

After communication with the WMF was established, project proposal was written in accordance with requests and applicable standards. It was necessary to, parallel with project proposal creation, verify domestic prices of services and products so the most favorable decision, in financial sense, could be reached when it comes to the issues of accommodation, food, technical aids and similar. As planned, this was done. Community decided that the event will be organized in the city of East Sarajevo, one of the largest regional centers in the Republic of Srpska.

  • Program: In specially created questionnaire, community had the opportunity to suggest potential themes of the conference. On the basis of suggestions, program was created and we started collection of presentations which would later on be used during the conference itself.
    • For Wikipedia Day, three presentations were shown (about Wikipedia, about free content and about local Wikimedia community in the Republic of Srpska) together with two short video clips. Afterwards, the structure of the Wikipedia itself was presented to the participants together with first hand demonstration in account creation and article edition on Wikipedia. During conversation and interaction with participants, interesting discovery was that majority of those who didn’t had previous experiences with Wikipedia editing, pointed out they were unaware of the complexity behind Wikipedia, existence of its guidelines or clearly defined criteria. Only few of them knew that behind Wikipedia one can find a whole network of people, volunteers and projects.
    • Day of the conference Wikimedia Start Republic of Srpska 2016 was composed from 10 themes covered with 10 presentations, two video clips, one video message from the WMF and panel discussion. During the conference, audio segments from Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia were used as well. Through lectures all major Wikimedia projects were presented with special accent being placed on Wikipedia, its edition and familiarization with rules and guidelines of editing. GLAM and EDU projects of Wikimedia where presented together with photo-projects such as Wiki loves monuments, Wiki loves Earth and Traces of Soul. Conference presented statistical analysis of data on coverage and representation of Republic of Srpska on Wikipedia through themes that relate to it. One of the lectures was dedicated to CC licence. Participants showed interest and were motivated to take active part in discussion and lectures.
  • Informing: With aim of informing the public about the event, site and blog of the Wikimedia community of the Republic of Srpska were updated with two notifications concerning the event. Notifications were placed early enough to facilitate as wide as possible dispersal of information before event began. On the day of the event itself, another article was placed on blog, taking form of a birthday felicitation to Wikipedia.
  • Participants: Besides members of the Wikimedia community of the Republic of Srpska, students from the University of the East Sarajevo took part in the event. Representative of the University of the East Sarajevo participated in the conference as well and afterwards expressed wish for further cooperation between the Wikimedia community of the Republic of Srpska and University in the East Sarajevo on the issue of educational projects.
  • Application form: Application form, taking in part shape of a questionnaire, was created and placed on the site of the community, on the page dedicated to the event:

http://wikimedia.rs.ba/index.php/Wikimedia_Start_Republika_Srpska_2016 22 participants applied for the event.

Special page, dedicated specifically to this event, was created on social network Facebook while crucial information’s were displayed on the official site of the community, Twitter and blog as well. Several hash tags were used and majority of the participants shared statuses concerning the event on their own profiles.

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